Are prices displayed for a pair of poles or just one piece?

All types of poles are sold in pair, so all prices refer to a quantity of two (2) poles.


What are shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on your shipping address and will be displayed once you enter your address during the purchase.

For Italy the shipping fee is €4.50, except the Obsidian collection which has a shiping fee of 5.70€. Shipping is for free on orders starting from €50.

For the European Union the shipping fee is €17. Shipping is fo free on orders starting from €100.

Product specificities

How does the FlickLock® technology work?

The FlickLock® system is a patent of Gipron and the easiest technology to adjust the size of your poles. Simply by opening the lever you will be able to move the lower section of your pole up and down to make it shorter or longer. Once you set it to the desired size, don't forget to close the leverage!

How does the TwistLock® technology work?

The TwistLock® system is a very intuitive system. To unlock, twist the top shaft counterclockwise while holding the bottom shaft firmly. After adjusting the desired size, twist the top shaft of the pole clockwise while holding the bottom shaft firmly. Do not overtwist when locking. Before using, check that all sections are firmly locked at the size you desire. 


Which parts can be replaced/fixed?

You can find on our online store all the parts available that can be replaced. Should you not find the piece, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Where can I find new spare parts?

You can find spare parts in this section.

Is it possible to send the prodct to your factory for fixing?

If you prefer to have us fixing the piece instead of buyng the piece, please contact us at customercare@gipron.it and we will advise you with the best solution. 


How do I handle a defective product?

Should the product you receive be defective please contact us at customercare@gipron.it. For further information, please visit our Return Policy.

Products Maintenance

How do I keep my Gipron poles in good conditions?

Here is a short list of tips to take proper care of your poles over time:

- Never use products to lubricate the inner locking system

- Before storing poles, make sure they are clean and dry

- Disassemble all parts of the poles regularly and clean them with a dry cloth

- Clean the inner surface of tubular sections and remove the dirt the expander mechanism, then reassemble



I am a beginner: where can I find tips on good itineraries?

We are more than happy to share our passion with you! You can find tips and recommendations on itineraries and much more in our blog section. 

Are the products you use sustainable?

All products we use are eco-friendly. In fact, poles themselves are made of aluminium, amaterial which is known for being recyclable.

We love nature and strive to be plastic free. Shipping boxes are made of paper 100% recyclable.